Bank Capital

Commerce Street Capital (“CSC”) is one of the country’s foremost authorities on raising capital for community banks. We provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise to community banks in need of capital planning and execution.

CSC brings management teams, acquisition and organizer groups access to a comprehensive array of services which include:

  • Capital Market Assessment
  • Charter Application Development
  • Development and Execution of a Capital Strategy
  • Project Consulting
  • Full-time, On-site Project Management
  • Secure, Real-Time, Dedicated On-line Process Management Systems
Bank Capital

Banks choose Commerce Street Capital because raising capital in this day and age is difficult. Institutional investors are either fully invested or have horizon or minimum investment levels that are too high for most community banks to digest. We provide the experienced manpower to leverage your time in targeting non-institutional sources of capital. We also use a proprietary project management technology to manage the details which allows us to focus on getting the most out of every contact and making sure no potential investor is overlooked.