Duke Meythaler

Managing Director

Duke is a Managing Director at Commerce Street Investments. He is a proven investment consulting and asset management business development professional and leader. Duke has 40 years of experience in the investment management industry service as an investment consultant, leader of consulting teams, leader of multi strategy asset management development for three organizations.

Duke is a proven successful investment consultant, initially with SEI where he grew his book of business five-fold and became the leader of the field consulting team at SEI. Most recently at Mercer, Duke was able to grow both the OCIO and Advisory consulting business several fold by focusing on providing customized solutions for clients. He has also been a consultant with a boutique firm where he was able to enhance the business and retain challenging clients through value added results and service.

In addition to his success with consulting firms, Duke also led business development teams at three different multi strategy asset management firms.

Duke has both a BS in Business and a JD in Law from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Duke is a member of the Missouri Bar.